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Juniper JN0-251 Exam

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Question 71
Under ideal conditions, which frequency band will have the farthest usable range?

Question 72
Which statement is correct about a WLAN RF medium?

Question 73
Referring to the exhibit, what do you determine about the site's Time to Connect SLE metric?

Question 74
What is an 802.11 management frame transmitted by an AP?

Question 75
You are troubleshooting a signal strength issue when you notice that the signal strength changes from -70 to -73 dBm as you move from one room to another.
In this scenario, what is happening?

Question 76
Users are complaining about WLAN performance and the Mist dashboard reports non-Wi-Fi interference.
Which diagnostics tool would you use to further investigate this issue on-site and determine the location of the interference?

Question 77
You have just brought online a new site of AP43s. While verifying that everything looks good, you notice that all of the access points (APs) are reporting "insufficient power." The APs are connected to an 802. 3at-capable switch.
In this scenario, what would be the cause of the error?