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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 251
What is a valid IPv6 address?
A. 00:05:85:23:45:67
C. 2001:0db8:3000:2215:0000:0000:aaaa:llll
D. 49.0001.0192.0168.1001.00

Question 252
Which two commands will provide the current configuration of the MX1-PE1 BGP group on your router? (Choose two.)
A. user@router# show groups|display set|match MX1-PE1
B. user@router# show|display set|match MX1-PE1
C. user@router> show configuration|match set|match MX1-PE1
D. user@router> show configuration|dispalv set|match MX1-PE1

Question 253
Click the Exhibit button. Which statement is correct regarding the configuration shown in the exhibit?
Image JN0-104_253Q.jpg related to the Juniper JN0-104 Exam
A. When the ospf-trace file has created five files, it will stop logging additional information.
B. When the ospf-trace file reaches the 64 KB file size, it is renamed and begins a new file.
C. The ospf-trace file will automatically replace any existing trace file with the same name.
D. Timestamp information will not be included for each line of ospf-trace

Question 254
Which two statements about the Junos OS are true? (Choose two.)
A. It uses a different software source code base for each platform.
B. It supports Java for automation on all platforms.
C. It supports XML for automation on all platforms.
D. It uses the same software source code base for all platforms.

Question 255
What is the decimal equivalent of 00000100?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 9
D. 12

Question 256
For the interface ge-1/2/3.4, what does "ge" represent?
B. Gigabit Ethernet
C. Aggregated Ethernet

Question 257
Which parameter must be included when executing operational mode commands from within configuration mode?
A. run
B. prompt
C. insert
D. do

Question 258
What are three characteristics of Layer 2 switches? (Choose Three)
A. Layer 2 switches separates multicast domains.
B. Layer 2 switches separates collision domains.
C. Layer 2 switches forward traffic addressed to hosts that reside on the same collision domain.
D. Layer 2 switches forward traffic addressed to hosts that reside on a different collision domain.
E. Layer 2 switches forward broadcast traffic.

Question 259
What are three examples of dynamic IGPs? (Choose three.)

Question 260
Which three statements are true about terms in a policy? (Choose three.)
A. The order of the terms in a policy is irrelevant.
B. The action is specified in a then statement.
C. Terms are optional in a policy.
D. The match condition can be identified with a from statement.
E. A from statement is mandatory in a term.