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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 231
Refer to the exhibit. You asked to create a firewall filter to count IPv6 packets that arrive with a no next header value. As shown in the exhibit, you have created and applied the count-no-header firewall filter to the ge- 0/0/0 interface. The commit operation fails.
What is causing this problem?
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A. IPv6 interfaces do not support firewall filters.
B. The filter name must be different than the counter name.
C. The firewall term does not include inet6 in the from statement.
D. The firewall family is not correct.

Question 232
What is the subnet mask for the address?

Question 233
You are performing the initial configuration of an SRX Series device. What must you set before the device will allow you to commit your configuration?
A. management interface
B. system time
C. hostname
D. root authentication

Question 234
What does the "3" in Junos version 14.2R3.2 represent?
A. a single-threaded version of the Junos OS.
B. a major release number.
C. a minor release number.
D. a service build number.

Question 235
The marketing team needs access to a server on subnet The next- hop router is A static route on their gateway has been configured to accomplish the task. You want to keep the static route from being redistributed into dynamic routing protocols.
Which command will satisfy this requirement?
A. set routing-options static route next-hop
B. set routing-options static route next-hop no-resolve
C. set routing-options static route next-hop no-redistribute
D. set routing-options static route next-hop no readvertise

Question 236
Which set of IP addresses are in the same subnet?
A. and
B. and
C. and
D. and

Question 237
Which command prompt indicates that you are in operational mode?
A. user @ router &
B. user @ router #
C. user @ router $
D. user @ router >

Question 238
You must archive log messages for an extended period of time for audit and troubleshooting purposes.
Which syslog setting should you configure on the Junos device in this scenario?
A. host
B. facility
C. console
D. severity

Question 239
The IP address belongs to which class of IP address space?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D

Question 240
Which CIDR notation is the equivalent of the subnet mask of
A. /19
B. /18
C. /20
D. /17