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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 201
Which step is required when performing a Junos software upgrade?
A. You must create a user account named maintenance-user.
B. You must reboot the device
C. You must load the factory default configuration
D. You must zeroize the device.

Question 202
A device receives a route update for network from two different routing information sources.
In this scenario, which parameter will determine the active route?
A. the route learned from the next hop with the highest IP address
B. the route learned with the lowest default route preference
C. the route learned from the next hop with the lowest IP address
D. the route with the lowest metric

Question 203
You have applied the policy shown in the exhibit as an import policy to your BGP group. In this scenario, what will happen when the router receives the route?
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A. It will be sent to the default BGP policy
B. It wall match term-1 and be accepted.
C. It wall match term-2 and be accepted
D. It will match term-2 and be rejected.

Question 204
What information is provided by the show route forwarding-table command?
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A. the routing table stored on the RE
B. the protocol from where the route was learned
C. the outgoing interface(s) associated with the destination prefixes
D. the number of routes that are active, hidden, or in a hold-down state

Question 205
Which command allows you to execute operational mode commands while in configuration mode?
A. activate
B. show
C. run
D. set

Question 206
What are two characteristics of UDP? (Choose two.)
A. UDP is connection-oriented.
B. UDP packets are sent best-effort.
C. UDP is more reliable than TCP.
D. UDP operates at the transport layer.

Question 207
You are creating a new routing policy on your Junos device. You are currently receiving multiple routes within the subnet from the same upstream BGP neighbor. Your policy should only allow the route and reject all other routes within that /24 range Referring to the exhibit, which route filter match type would satisfy this requirement?
Image JN0-104_207Q.jpg related to the Juniper JN0-104 Exam
A. exact
B. orlonger
C. prefix-length-range /24-/32
D. longer

Question 208
You just received a new factory-default Junos device. Which two steps must be completed to connect and log in to the device? (Choose two.)
A. Connect to the device using an SSH connection.
B. Log in with the user root and no password.
C. Connect to the device using the console connection.
D. Log in with the user root and password of root123.

Question 209
Which protocol is responsible for learning an IPv6 neighbor's IMAC address?
A. Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)
B. Media Access Control Security (MACsec)
C. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
D. Network Address Translation (NAT)

Question 210
Which two statements about login classes are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Login class permissions can be overridden for certain commands.
B. Users can be members of multiple login classes.
C. Login classes define access privileges for a user.
D. There are no system-defined login classes.