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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 131
Which two statements are true about the default behavior of Junos routing policies? (Choose two.)
A. Routing policies can export active and inactive routes.
B. Routing policies can export only active routes.
C. Routing policies control the flow of routing information going to and from the routing table.
D. Routing policies control the flow of routing information going to and from the forwarding table.

Question 132
Which parameter would you use to prohibit the redistribution of a static route used for management traffic?
A. no-readvertise
B. discard
C. reject
D. passive

Question 133
At which hierarchy would you configure a static MAC address for interface ge-0/0/0?
A. [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0]
B. [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0]
C. [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet]
D. [edit interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address]

Question 134
By default, which character indicates the UNIX shell prompt?
A. %
B. $
C. >
D. #

Question 135
Which parameter of the monitor traffic command should be used with caution when considering storage space on a Junos device?
A. detail
B. write-file
C. layer2-headers
D. extensive

Question 136
What are two benefits realized by the disaggregated Junos? (Choose two.)
A. The platform drivers and forwarding engineer are removed from the control plane to increase performance.
B. The architecture facilitates programmability through provisioning the control plane, the data path, and the platform API's.
C. There is increased flexibility to use different control plane versions.
D. The Junos VM becomes hardware-independent and can be deployed on any hypervisor without modification.

Question 137
What are two modes of unicast reverse path forwarding? (Choose two.)
A. Strict
B. High
C. Low
D. Loose

Question 138
What is the default location of the syslog file on Junos devices?
A. /var/log/
B. /var/tmp/
C. /var/home/
D. /var/db/

Question 139
In which directory are trace option files stored by default?
A. /var/tmp/
B. /var/log/
C. /var/home/
D. /var/db/

Question 140
Which two platforms are supported in physical and virtual form factors? (Choose two.)
A. NFX Series
B. SRX Series
C. MX Series
D. ACX Series