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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 61
What are two protocols that the Junos OS uses to archive configuration files remotely? (Choose two.)

Question 62
Which three protocols are connectionless? (Choose three.)

Question 63
Which statement is correct regarding exception traffic on Junos devices?

Question 64
Which two statements describe PFE functions?

Question 65
Which command will show files stored in the /var/home/tab directory?

Question 66
You are connected to your Junos device using an SSH connection to the txp0 interface. No other interfaces are currently configured and unreachable from your management network. How would you reestablish communication with the device?

Question 67
Your firewall filters are not in the correct order, what would solve this problem?

Question 68
You are considering an upgrade from 19.1R1 and want to ensure that only bug fixes are included.
Which two software versions should you consider in this situation? (Choose two.)

R release : Maintenance and introduce bug fixes
19.1R1 ==> 19.1R2 introduces only bug fixes 19.1R1 ==> 19.2R2 Introduces new features

Question 69
A Junos device is in a factory-default configuration and no host name is set.
What is used in place of a host name in this scenario?

Question 70
Which two statements describe IPv4 default behavior for BGP? (Choose two.)