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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 21
A packet enters a Junos device. No matching destination entry exists in the forwarding table. How will the device respond?

Question 22
Which command verifies configuration syntax without applying the changes?

Question 23
Which command displays the current temperature of a Junos device's components?

Question 24
Click to the exhibit. You have the policy configuration shown in the exhibit applied to your BGP peering. You find that your customer routes coming from the network are being rejected.
Which command should be used to correct the problem?
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Question 25
Referring to the exhibit, which type of route does the configuration create?
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Question 26
Referring to the exhibit, what does the number inside the square brackets represent?
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Protocol from which the route was learned and the preference value for the route.

Question 27
Which command will completely turn off a Junos device?

If the system is powered-off, you need someone / something to press the power button to bring it up. This is something like you power-off your laptop PC.
The halt will kill all processes and stand-by there, so you can press any key in console to bring up the system remotely.

Question 28
Which command is used to validate the syntax of a configuration without applying the configuration?

Question 29
What are three Application Layer protocols? (Choose three.)

Question 30
What are three benefits of using a dynamic routing protocol? (Choose three.)