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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 171
Referring to the exhibit, what will happen to traffic that is less than the bandwidth limit from source address
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Question 172
What will the request system configuration rescue save command accomplish?

Question 173
Which command will solve the problem shown in the exhibit?
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Question 174
You are asked to determine when a Junos device was booted Which command would you use to obtain this information?

Question 175
Which operational mode command in Junos OS produces the output shown in the exhibit?

Question 176
You want to temporarily apply a candidate configuration to the active configuration and automatically roll back after 10 minutes.
In this scenario, which command will accomplish this task?

user@host# commit confirmed
commit confirmed will be automatically rolled back in 10 minutes unless confirmed commit complete #commit confirmed will be rolled back in 10 minutes
[edit] user@host# configuration-commit.html

Question 177
Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?
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Question 178
Which two parameters are considered action modifiers in the firewall filters then statement? (Choose two.)

Question 179
Which two statements about the configure exclusive command are correct? (Choose two.)

Question 180
User 1 pings Router C to determine its status.
Which router shown in the exhibit, treats the traffic generated by the ping command as exception traffic?
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