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Juniper JN0-104 Exam

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Question 141
You notice that the terms in your firewall filter are not in the correct order. What would solve this problem?

Question 142
You have received a request from the user, SecurityTeam, to notify their terminal connection only when someone commits a change to the configuration of a specific networking device. Which command would you input in this scenario?

Question 143
Routing policies contain which two types of statements? (Choose two.)

Question 144
What is the initial prompt displayed when logging in as the root user?

Question 145
Which statement is true about the longer router-filter match type?

Question 146
What would you use as a network tool to open a secure terminal connection from a device running Junos OS to another device?

Question 147
You issue the request system zeroize command. Which statement is correct in this scenario?

Question 148
How would you change the display so the display so that 40 lines will be displayed in the terminal program when you are logged into a Junos device?

Question 149
Which two interfaces are considered physical interfaces? (Choose two.)

Question 150
Which two keystrokes are used to auto-complete commands? (Choose two.)