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Question 31
Two sets of OceanStor unified storage with synchronous remote replication are effective in the following ways to improve host write performance on the primary storage:(Multiple choice.)
A. RPO does not require 0 for the scenario, it is recommended to use asynchronous remote replication.
B. The main storage using smart cache acceleration, speed up the main storage IO processing speed.
C. According to the service pressure of the LUNs stored on the primary side, assign the home controllers of each LUN to the A and B controllers.
D. If you are using an asynchronous remote replication scheme, you need to design a startup synchronization time based on the RPO metrics and consider the

Question 32
When a customer uses simpana software, CS can not start normally due to some reason and needs to recover the CS. Which of the following situations will cause the restoration to fail?
A. The backup server and the media server can not communicate properly.
B. The link between the backup media and the media server is down.
C. Backup server SQL database failure.
D. DDB is abnormal.

Question 33
Customers use Redhat Linux enterprise 6 LVM to manage user data disks in the cluster. What is the possible reason, when using pvmove data migration can not enforce OK?
A. Pvmove command does not support Linux cluster.
B. Redhat Linux enterprise 6 version of lvm does not support the pvmove command.
C. You need to install the cmirror package and run it on the cluster server.
D. Need to lvm version down to 1.0 before using pvmove migration data.

Question 34
A N8500 (V200R001) clustered NAS system with a set of storage units at the back end. Three RAID Groups, respectively named RG1, RG2, RG3 have been created on the storage unit. There are two LUNs under each RAID group, the capacity of each LUN is 12G.The names are RG1-LUN1, RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN1, RG2-LUN2, RG3-LUN1, RG3-LUN2, and all LUNs are added to one in storage pool. The purpose is to create a file system based on these LUNs. What of the following will certainly create a failure?
A. fs create striped fs01 10g 3 RG1-LUN1, RG2-LUN1, RG3-LUN1 stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192
B. fs create mirrored fs02 10g 2 RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN2 stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192
C. fs create mirrored-stripe fs03 10g 2 2 RG1-LUn1, RG2-LUN1 protection = disk stripeunit = 2048 blksize = 8192
D. fs create striped-miiro fs04 20g 2 3 RG1-LUn1, RG1-LUN2, RG2-LUN1, RG2-LUN2, RG3-LUN1, RG3-LUN2 protection = disk stripeunit = 512 blksize = 1024

Question 35
Redhat Linux Enterprise 6 cp command is used to complete the operating system data migration. What steps are needed to verify confirmation transfer intoPower? (Multiple choice.)
A. Check if the size of the migrated file is the same as the original data.
B. Check if the number of documents corresponds to the original data
C. Check if each file with read and write permissions corresponds to the original data
D. Whether the time for reviewing the case file corresponds to the original data.

Question 36
HPUX system has two user volume groups: VG01 and VG02. Execute the following command vgexport-v-s-p -m /tmp/ / dev / vg01 and vgexport-v -s - m /tmp/ / dev / vg02. Can vglist view the volume group then?
A. vg01
B. vg02
C. vg01 vg02
D. empty

Question 37
A banking business running background storage system requirements are as follows: What are the more appropriate networking solutions?
Image H13-629_37Q.png related to the Huawei H13-629 Exam
A. Program One: 1 * OceanStor 9000 C Node 36 * 2TB SATA configuration 2 * Front-end GE + 2 * Rear-end 10GE
B. Scenario 2: 3 * Oceanstor 9000 C Node 36 * 2TB SATA hard drive; 2 * Front-end GE + back-end 2 * 10GE
C. program three: 3 * OceanStor 9000 P Node 36 * 2TB SAS configuration 2 * Front-end GE + 2 * Rear-end 10GE
D. Program Four: 3 * OceanStor 9000 M Node 36 * 2TB SAS configuration

Question 38
Which of the following best practice description of Oralce database is correct? (Multiple choice.)
A. OLAP business query output is usually a statistical value (using group by with order by), so you can set a larger SGA-target value (relative to OLTP).
B. It is recommended to use UDEV UUID and drive letter binding, in Linux environment configuration Oracle database, to avoid subsequent maintenance letter changes caused by the database which can not start.
C. If the database OLTP business log write is very frequent, it is recommended that the appropriate online log file up, but it is recommended not to exceed 128MB.
D. In Windows2008 or windows2012 operating system environment, in order to improve I / O processing efficiency, MBR partition is created, and diskpart

Question 39
Which of the following is a description of the UltraPath multipath setting? (Multiplexed.)
A. The mode of operation of the array can be in-controller load balancing or inter-controller load balancing.
B. Load Balancing Mode Including wheel training algorithm, the maximum queue depth algorithm, the maximum workload algorithm.
C. After the connection is interrupted between the LUN home controller and the host, the host accesses the LUN through the peer controller. In this case, the over-trail software defaults the switched home controller of the LUN to the remote controller.
D. When multipath detects a preferred controller failure recovery, the I / O is resumed immediately at the preferred controller by default.

Question 40
The disaster recovery plan of Huawei means that when the production site fails, the production business is automatically switched to run the disaster recovery site.
A. True
B. False