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Huawei H13-629 Exam

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Question 61
What are the several recovery mode drills of Huawei Replication Director disaster recovery?(Multiple choice.)

Question 62
Which of the following feature is correct about the OceanStor V3 volume mirroring? (Multiple choice.)

Question 63
Using non-deduplication storage based on the disk library strategy, data recovery fails after the data life of the backup has expired:

Question 64
What are the design information research activities in the backup solution? (Multiple choice.)

Question 65
What are the ways of load balance cluster software in the most basic functions, the load balancing on Oracle rac? (Multiple choice.)

Question 66
In the scenario of protecting the database, the slave uses the virtual snapshot method to verify the services of the production end and the DR-side and discover the data of the DR on the disaster recovery end. What are the possible reasons that the library can not start normally? (Multiple choice.)

Question 67
The OceanStor V3 storage system has 96 hard disks in one hard disk domain. To maximize the performance of the hard disk, it is recommended to use the LUNs in the hard disk domain.The total number of hard disks is not less than:

Question 68
Which of the following statements about multi-planar system design of Huawei Oceanstor unified storage system is correct?

Question 69
If the main service is normal in the simpana-based backup solution, view the following log:

Question 70
Which of the following statement about RAID 2.0 is correct? (Multiple choice.)