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Huawei H13-629 Exam

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Question 41
If you need to automate DR protection of an Oracle database in Replication Director, the configuration flow is:

Question 42
iSCSI protocol is mapped on the TCP protocol. For a TCP encapsulation of iSCSI protocol insulation, which of the following parts are not included?

Question 43
Which of the read and write strategy of Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system is correct?

Question 44
Backup media using PTL or VTL simpana backup software can not start the deduplication function.

Question 45
Which of the following operations is not a disaster recovery fault Recovering a production system manually Configure the necessary operations? (Multiple choice.)

Question 46
An Oceanstor V3 system "alert" shows a message: "SPF [0] LOW Rx power alarm because Low Rx pow ALM of SFP0 is deleted/deflected. "The cause of the malfunction is:

Question 47
Which of the OceanStor V3 file system remote replication description is correct? (Multiple choice.)

Question 48
If there is a problem with the VMFS datastore for ESXi5.5, check the VMFS using VMware ondisk metadata analyzer (VOMA) or VMFS volumes provide support for the logical volume of the Su-Soviet drama consistency, please select the wrong mode of operation. (Assume the LUN NAA ID is naa.60022a110009a8a800042e1800000000: 1).

Question 49
Which of the following scenario IO model characteristics belong to random small IO? (Multiple choice.)

Question 50
Which of the following is not part of the storage troubleshooting process?