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Huawei H13-629 Exam

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Question 21
Which of the following copy is supported by OceanStor V3 remote file system?

Question 22
On the Windows Server 2008 R2 system hard disk partition to set a reasonable sector (cluster) size is correct:

Question 23
A VTL6900-I system, the backup server connected to it is the Linux operating system. The backup server and the VTL6900-I system are directly connected through the FC.The server identifies the device information as shown below. After the backup server is configured as a backup client for the VTL6900-I system and the backupVTL system on the server virtual library process, which the following operation and description is correct:(Multiple choice.)

Question 24
The customer needs to create a new OLAP backup database for batch import of online database data at night, and the database software is SQL server 2008.The database file size is 20TB and the storage array is OceanStor v3, which requires a stable write bandwidth of 1800MB / s.What kind of al__cpLocation set the most suitable customer requirements?

Question 25
Huawei Oceanstor 9000 node, read and write performance from high to low. What is the correct order?

Question 26
Double-active disaster recovery solution configuration needs to be done after the acceptance test. Which of the following posting acceptance scenarios business should not be affected? (Multiple choice.)

Question 27
Simpana client fails to perform backup, view the status of the task. It reported the following error "library, mediaAgent, Drive pool, Meida: mount path is offline.Advice: please check if the mountpath is online adn accessible ".What may can be the cause of this problem?

Question 28
One customer wants to deploy one OceanStor v3 storage to meet the capacity and performance requirements. Where its specific configuration number of the hard drive is needed to be considered? (Multiple choice.)

Question 29
Huawei disaster preparedness plan, production site deployment oracle RAC cluster, in order to ensure the production side failure, disaster recovery database to provide normal serviceServices.Which of the following statement is correct?

Question 30
Which of the following information about the InfoEqualizer function of Huawei OceanStor 9000 is correct? (Multiple choice)