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Question 11
A NAS storage system is dedicated to storing and managing which of the following data types?
A. Block data
B. File data
C. Object data
D. Consecutive data blocks

Question 12
The flexible space of the OceanStor 9000 is attributed to the scale-out architecture, scalability from 3 to 288 nodes, and support for global namespace.

Question 13
Which of the following statements about N8500 troubleshooting is incorrect?
A. Check file system configurations, and then check storage device configurations.
B. Check network connection, and then check NAS device configurations.
C. Check device indicators, and then check system logs.
D. Check the status of storage unit disk enclosures, and then check the status of storage unit controller enclosures.

Question 14
When configuring an N8500 clustered NAS engine, a user must specify the start and end physical IP addresses and the start and end virtual IP addresses,

Question 15
Which of the following statements about the VCS services and resources provided by a clustered NAS system are correct? (Select 3 answers)
A. A dependency relationship between service groups can be defined.
B. A dependency relationship between resources can be defined,
C. Each resource corresponds to one agent.
D. Resource dependency relationships can be defined in a cyclic manner.

Question 16
In performance optimization of the N8500 clustered NAS storage systems, which of the following issues must the maintenance personnel be aware of concerningLUNs and controllers? (Select 3 answers)
A. Create only one LUN for each RAID group.
B. Set LUNs to forcible write back without mirroring.
C. Ensure that the owning controller and the working controller of a LUN are the same.
D. Disks that compose a file system are evenly distributed on controllers.

Question 17
Which are the possible causes for file read/write performance decrease? (Select 3 answers)
A. A slow disk or bad sector exists,
B. The Fibre Channel port has a high bit error rate.
C. The LUN has been set to write back.
D. The prefetch policy does not apply to service data changes.

Question 18
Which of the following are possible challenges facing massive data management? (Select 2 answers)
A. How to implement quick data searches for higher retrieval efficiency
B. How to ensure data authenticity and prevent data cheating
C. How to implement PB-level storage of various data
D. How to save storage resources by reducing the data amount

Question 19
Before installing software for an OceanStor 9000 storage system, you must prepare required tools, cables, and software packages. Which of the following statements about this preparation is incorrect?
A. The SSH client software is required for remote access.
B. An FTP upload tool is required for uploading installation packages to storage nodes.
C. The OceanStor 9000 storage system software is required, which contains the OceanStor SystemReporter suite.
D. A network cable is required for connecting the management PC to the OceanStor 9000 management network port.

Question 20
If the service disk in slot 35 on a C node of the OceanStor 9000 is faulty, you are supposed to find this disk at the front panel of the C node and then replace it.