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Huawei H12-711 Exam

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Question 1
Which of the following can be supported by Policy Center access control? (Choose three.)

Question 2
SSL VPN supported file sharing types can be divided into two kinds of SMB and NFS, SMB correspond Windows hosts, NFS correspond Linux host

Question 3
Which user authentication methods can be supported by Policy Center system? (Choose three.)

Question 4
Network administrators set up networking as follows:LAN_A --------- (G0/0) USG_A (G0/1) --------- (G0/0) USG_B (G0/1) -------------- LAN_B USG_A divides firewall security zones, connects LAN_A areas Trust, connects USG_B area's Untrust, according to the above description, which of the following statement is correct?

Question 5
In the first stage of IKE negotiation, which of the following IKE exchange mode does not provide identity protection features?

Question 6
Which of the following encryption algorithm, encryption and decryption keys are the same?

Question 7
Policy Center system can implement two dimensions' management functions: organizational management and regional management

Question 8
What does USG products business include? (Choose three.)

Question 9
Which of the following components do consist of Policy Center system? (Choose three.)

Question 10
In IPSEC VPN, which of the following scenarios can be applied by tunnel mode?