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Question 161
In OSPF area, RTA and RTB interconnect through FE interface. which of the following commands can be used to configure the link cost between RTA and RTB as10? (Choose two.)
A. Use command "ospf cost 10" on two routers
B. Use command "ospf cost 5" on two routers
C. Use command "bandwidth-reference 500" on two routers to change bandwidth-reference value
D. Use command "bandwidth-reference 1000" on two routers to change bandwidth-reference

Question 162
BGP is an inter-AS routing protocol. Which statements about BGP are true? (Choose three.)
A. BGP adopts a reliable transmission protocol.
B. BGP supports automatic peer discovery.
C. BGP supports incremental route update.
D. BGP supports various routing policies.

Question 163
Which statement is true if MD5 authentication is configured during the configuration of a BGP peer?
A. All the routers in the same AS must use the same MD5 password.
B. A pair of BGP peers must use the same MD5 password.
C. All BGP peers of a router must use the same MD5 password.
D. Every BGP peer of a router must use a unique MD5 password.

Question 164
In OSPF protocol, which of the following elements are used to describe one link? (Choose three.)
A. Link ID
B. Data
C. Network Mask
D. Metric

Question 165
A failure in establishing a BGP peer relationship can be addressed by checking the TCP connectivity and BGP peer configurations.
A. True
B. False

Question 166
In which state have BGP peers not established any connection and not initiated a connection request?
A. Established
B. OpenSent
C. Active
D. Idle

Question 167
OSPF uses SPF algorithm to calculate SPF tree according to topology. What is the node of the SPF tree?
A. Router
B. Router and network segment
C. Port and network segment
D. Router and port

Question 168
Which of the following conditions must be met for importing routes to BGP by using the network command? (Choose two.)
A. The routes are optimal in the IP routing table.
B. The routes do not need to match the specified mask length.
C. The routes match the specified mask length.
D. The routes are IGP routes.

Question 169
Type 2-external routes always take precedence over Type 1-external routes.
A. True
B. False

Question 170
What kind of the BGP attributes does AS-Path attribute belong to? (Choose two.)
A. Mandatory
B. Transitive
C. Optional
D. Non-transitive