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Huawei H12-224 Exam

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Question 111
Which of the following statements about BFD control packets are true? (Choose three.)

Question 112
Which of the following elements together uniquely identify a LSA? (Choose three.)

Question 113
The address space is currently used. If the subnet mask is used to divide this address space into several subnets serving WAN links, how many subnets in total can the address space be divided into?

Question 114
An OSPF neighbor relationship fails to be established and the display ospf error command output is as follows.Which of the following is the possible cause?
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Question 115
OSPF supports two authentication modes: area authentication and interface authentication.The two authentication modes cannot be configured at the same time.

Question 116
A Router ID is optional in the OSPF configuration.

Question 117
Which statement about OSPF is false?

Question 118
A device can be assigned an IP address, with the mask being

Question 119
Which of the following statements about OSPF authentication are false? (Choose two.)

Question 120
Which of the following rules should a network administrator obey when the network administrator uses the VLSM technology to plan subnets? (Choose three.)