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Question 61
Which of the following statements regarding the Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) mechanism are true? (Select 2 answers)
A. Multicast RPF does not depend on unicast routing.
B. All multicast protocols adopt the RPF mechanism.
C. A router discards the received multicast packets if the RPF check fails.
D. The RPF mechanism has two functions: It prevents multicast routing loops and the forwarding of redundant multicast packets.

Question 62
Which of the following statements about a neighbor state machine is true?
A. The Attempt state appears only on an NBMA network or a broadcast network.
B. The Attempt state appears only on an NBMA network or a P2MP network.
C. LSR packets can be sent in the Exchange state.
D. The Full state indicates that LSDB synchronization is complete. No LSDB information will be exchanged.

Question 63
Which of the following methods are supported by OSPF for delivering default routes? (Select 3 answers)
A. Delivery using an ABR
B. Delivery using a backbone router
C. Forcible delivery
D. Non-forcible delivery

Question 64
Which of the fallowings are OSPF packet types? (Select 3 answers)
B. LS Request
D. LS Update
E. LSAck

Question 65
Which of the following statements is false?
A. Each OSPF router uses only one Router-LSA to describe the status of local links in an area.
B. Link types described by a Router-LSA include P2P, P2MP, TransNet, and StubNet.
C. A Network-Summary-LSA describes the metric routing of an ABR to a destination network segment.
D. Routing information can be exchanged between a backbone area and a non-backbone area but never between two non-backbone areas.

Question 66
In VRP, by default, a BGP router does not automatically send a refresh packet to its BGP peers for retransmitting an Update packet after the inbound routing policy of the BGP peers changes.

Question 67
The vlink-peer command is used to specify a peer IP address for setting up a virtual link.

Question 68
ACL rules are matched based on the configured order only.

Question 69
A company reserves the network segment for some remote small-scale sites. Each site has 5 IP devices to connect to this network segment.Which of these Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSMs) can be used to accommodate the need for minimum number of hosts?
A. /27
B. /28
C. /29
D. /30

Question 70
How does a BGP router process a received route whose next hop is unreachable?
A. The BGP router sends an error message to the router that has sent the update message.
B. The BGP router accepts the route and adds it to the BGP routing table. This route, however, is neither preferred nor added to the IP routing table for packet forwarding.
C. The BGP router refuses the route.
D. The BGP router accepts the route and adds it to the BGP routing table. This route participates in route selection and may be selected as the optimal route to