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Huawei H12-221 Exam

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Question 51
Default routes between routers are a low-cost solution because they are easy to configure and requires less system resources when compared with maintaining a complete routing table.

Question 52
Only Router-LSAs and Network-LSAs are involved in intra-area route calculations.

Question 53
Which of the following network link type is not the basic network link type defined in OSPF?

Question 54
In the process of calculating SPF tree, the cost from a given node to its root node is equal to the metric listed in the Router LSA generated by the node.

Question 55
Which of the following IP addresses can be used on a public network? (Select 2 answers)

Question 56
Which of the following statements regarding the IP address are correct? (Select 2 answers)

Question 57
Which of the following protocols support default route advertisement? (Select 3 answers)

Question 58
The peer connect-interface" command is recommended to establish peer relationships between two routers connected through "multiple" links.

Question 59
An OSPF neighbor relationship fails to establish and the OSPF error information is displayed as follows. Which of the following is most likely the cause?
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Question 60
The most remarkable characteristic of OSPF is that it can support the link-state algorithm.