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Huawei H12-221 Exam

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Question 101
Which of the following commands is used to display check information about the IGMP enabled interface?

Question 102
Assume that the subnet mask is Which of the following are valid host addresses? (Select 3 answers)

Question 103
You are using the address space If the subnet mask is used to subnet this address space to serve WAN links, how many total subnets can the address space be divided into?

Question 104
How many bits of the MAC address space is available for mapping IP multicast addresses?

Question 105
All routing protocols can deliver default routes, supporting both forcible delivery and non-forcible delivery.

Question 106
BGP speakers sends which type of message to identify its peer's AS number information?

Question 107
OSPF supports two authentication modes: area authentication and interface authentication. These two modes cannot be configured at the same time.

Question 108
Which of the following elements together uniquely identify a LSA? (Select 3 answers)

Question 109
Which of the following messages exist only in PIM-SM? (Select 2 answers)

Question 110
BGP is an exterior gateway protocol which runs between ASs. It focuses on the control of route propagation and selection of optimal routes rather than discovery and calculation of routes.