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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 101
A DHCP Unique Identifier (DUID) in DHCPv6 can be configured in VRP using which formats? (Choose two).

Question 102
Which of the following statements about the information contained in a Database Description packet are true? (Choose three)
A. A Database Description packet contains all information about each LSA.
B. A Database Description packet contains only the header of an LSA.
C. The header of an LSA is the unique identifier of the LSA.
D. The header of an LSA is only a small portion of all the data of the LSA.

Question 103
What is the default authentication mode for the default_admin domain?
A. None
B. Local
C. Radius
D. 802.1X

Question 104
How many domains can be configured on a Huawei router?
A. 30
B. 31
C. 32
D. 33

Question 105
An authenticator router has been configured with two domains named "Area1" and "Area2", following which a user is created with the username "huawei" and the password "hello" for authentication. Which domain does this user belongs to?
A. Area1 domain
B. Area2 domain
C. default domain
D. default_admin domain

Question 106
In order to check if the interface serial 1/0/0 is working in either DCE or DTE mode, command ( ) is used.
A. display mode serial 1/0/0
B. display controller
C. display interface serial 1/0/0
D. display current-config

Question 107
How is mapping performed on a DTE device in a Frame Relay network?
A. The local DLCI number is mapped to a remote IP address.
B. The local IP address is mapped to a remote DLCI number.
C. The local DLCI number is mapped to a local IP address.
D. The remote DLCI number is mapped to a remote IP address.

Question 108
If Frame Relay implements dynamic address mapping for the PVC, which protocol will be used?
A. LMI protocol
B. ARP protocol
C. RARP protocol
D. InARP protocol

Question 109
Which command should be used to check the mapping between protocol addresses and frame relay addresses?
A. display fr interface
B. display fr map-info
C. display fr inarp-info
D. display interface brief

Question 110
Which of the following protocols is used in Frame Relay to map the address to DLCI dynamically?
A. ARP protocol
B. RARP protocol
C. InARP protocol
D. Map protocol