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Huawei H12-211 Exam

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Question 171
Refer to the graphic. Which of the following statements is correct when this router forwards the packet to the destination host
Image H12-211_171Q.png related to the Huawei H12-211 Exam

Question 172
According to the default value of route preference on the VRP platform, which of the following represent the correct sequence for direct route, static route, RIP andOSPF if they are listed from high preference to low preference?

Question 173
A router has learned two routes for the same network with the same prefix. One route has been learned via OSPF with a metric of 4882, while the other route has been learned via RIPv2 with a metric of 4.Which route (s) will be found in the routing table?

Question 174
Assume that the router has learnt the best route to the same destination by using RIP, OSPF and Static Route respectively. By default, the Huawei router will select the route learnt via ( ) as the best route.

Question 175
After checking the OSPF neighbor state, the administrator discovers that the router has established a TWOWAY state with the peering router.What can be understood from this information? (Choose two)

Question 176
What functions does a Hello packet of OSPF implement? (Choose two)

Question 177
Two routers are connected through serial interfaces and support PPP encapsulation.Which parameters must be negotiated to establish the PPP connection? (Choose three).

Question 178
What are the three protocol components defined by PPP? (Choose three).

Question 179
Two routers are connected via serial interfaces, for which the link-protocol is PPP. The network administrator wishes to configure PPP authentication to improve security on this link.Which PPP authentication method provides a more secure solution?

Question 180
If PPP authentication fails, which type of packet will be sent to the authenticated peer by the authenticator?