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Huawei H11-851 Exam

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Question 11
How many MCU resources maximumly does Multi-resource management center can manage?

Question 12
The function of Switch Centre is ( )

Question 13
Huawei Intelligence and Cisco TelePresence can be interoperated.

Question 14
What is the range that the human ear can recognize the sound frequency?

Question 15
225 protocol can be used for conference control

Question 16
IP relative to E1, stable bandwidth, QOS and security, data confidentiality, better security.

Question 17
AAC-LD ( ) kHz sampling support dual-channel high-fidelity CD quality

Question 18
One MCU can establish a connection with( )a RM interface at the same time.

Question 19
HD terminal HD is not the time to join the default output OUT1? ( )

Question 20
Which of the following several types are included in H323 node? (choose 3 answers)