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Huawei H11-851 Exam

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Question 121
The full name of GPUS is General Processing Unit Single-Board. It is XPU, which takes charge of the functions of multi-picture deal with the system, remix treatment and so on.

Question 122
What will be output default when the HD terminal HD OUT1 joins?

Question 123
Which of the following formats of audio has best effect?

Question 124
One Multi Resource Management Center only can manager one service area.

Question 125
Higher MCU can have multiple summer MCU; Summer MCU can also have multiple superior MCU.

Question 126
() achieves the switching between the number, name, etc and IP addresses.

Question 127
POEA is in charge of the 4E1 signal access

Question 128
HD terminal setup wizard can complete the configuration of the ( ). (Please choose 3 answers)

Question 129
The main control board of the MCU8650 is ( ).

Question 130
To media exchange layer, which of the following statement is correct? (Please choose 2 answers)