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Google Professional-Cloud-Architect Exam

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Question 151
Your company has a support ticketing solution that uses App Engine Standard. The project that contains the App Engine application already has a Virtual PrivateCloud (VPC) network fully connected to the company's on-premises environment through a Cloud VPN tunnel. You want to enable the App Engine application to communicate with a database that is running in the company's on-premises environment. What should you do?

Question 152
Your company is planning to upload several important files to Cloud Storage. After the upload is completed, they want to verify that the uploaded content is identical to what they have on-premises. You want to minimize the cost and effort of performing this check. What should you do?

Question 153
You have deployed an application on Anthos clusters (formerly Anthos GKE). According to the SRE practices at your company, you need to be alerted if request latency is above a certain threshold for a specified amount of time. What should you do?

Question 154
Your company has a stateless web API that performs scientific calculations. The web API runs on a single Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. The cluster is currently deployed in us-central1. Your company has expanded to offer your API to customers in Asia. You want to reduce the latency for users in Asia.
What should you do?

Question 155
You are migrating third-party applications from optimized on-premises virtual machines to Google Cloud. You are unsure about the optimum CPU and memory options. The applications have a consistent usage pattern across multiple weeks. You want to optimize resource usage for the lowest cost. What should you do?

Question 156
Your company has a Google Cloud project that uses BigQuery for data warehousing. They have a VPN tunnel between the on-premises environment and GoogleCloud that is configured with Cloud VPN. The security team wants to avoid data exfiltration by malicious insiders, compromised code, and accidental oversharing.
What should they do?

Question 157
You are working at an institution that processes medical data. You are migrating several workloads onto Google Cloud. Company policies require all workloads to run on physically separated hardware, and workloads from different clients must also be separated. You created a sole-tenant node group and added a node for each client. You need to deploy the workloads on these dedicated hosts. What should you do?

Question 158
Your company's test suite is a custom C++ application that runs tests throughout each day on Linux virtual machines. The full test suite takes several hours to complete, running on a limited number of on-premises servers reserved for testing. Your company wants to move the testing infrastructure to the cloud, to reduce the amount of time it takes to fully test a change to the system, while changing the tests as little as possible.
Which cloud infrastructure should you recommend?

Question 159
A lead software engineer tells you that his new application design uses websockets and HTTP sessions that are not distributed across the web servers. You want to help him ensure his application will run properly on Google Cloud Platform.
What should you do?

Question 160
The application reliability team at your company this added a debug feature to their backend service to send all server events to Google Cloud Storage for eventual analysis. The event records are at least 50 KB and at most 15 MB and are expected to peak at 3,000 events per second. You want to minimize data loss.
Which process should you implement?

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