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Question 11
Your organization stores highly sensitive data on-premises that cannot be sent over the public internet. The data must be processed both on-premises and in the cloud.
What should your organization do?
A. Configure Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) in your Google Cloud VPC network
B. Create a Cloud VPN tunnel between Google Cloud and your data center
C. Order a Partner Interconnect connection with your network provider
D. Enable Private Google Access in your Google Cloud VPC network

Question 12
Your company's development team is building an application that will be deployed on Cloud Run. You are designing a CI/CD pipeline so that any new version of the application can be deployed in the fewest number of steps possible using the CI/CD pipeline you are designing. You need to select a storage location for the images of the application after the CI part of your pipeline has built them.
What should you do?
A. Create a Compute Engine image containing the application
B. Store the images in Container Registry
C. Store the images in Cloud Storage
D. Create a Compute Engine disk containing the application

Question 13
Each of the three cloud service models - infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) - offers benefits between flexibility and levels of management by the cloud provider and the customer.
Why would SaaS be the right choice of service model?
A. You want a balance between flexibility for the customer and the level of management by the cloud provider
B. You want to minimize the level of management by the customer
C. You want to maximize flexibility for the customer.
D. You want to be able to shift your emphasis between flexibility and management by the cloud provider as business needs change

Question 14
As your organization increases its release velocity, the VM-based application upgrades take a long time to perform rolling updates due to OS boot times. You need to make the application deployments faster.
What should your organization do?
A. Migrate your VMs to the cloud, and add more resources to them
B. Convert your applications into containers
C. Increase the resources of your VMs
D. Automate your upgrade rollouts

Question 15
Your organization uses Active Directory to authenticate users. Users' Google account access must be removed when their Active Directory account is terminated.
How should your organization meet this requirement?
A. Configure two-factor authentication in the Google domain
B. Remove the Google account from all IAM policies
C. Configure BeyondCorp and Identity-Aware Proxy in the Google domain
D. Configure single sign-on in the Google domain

Question 16
Your company has recently acquired three growing startups in three different countries. You want to reduce overhead in infrastructure management and keep your costs low without sacrificing security and quality of service to your customers.
How should you meet these requirements?
A. Host all your subsidiaries' services on-premises together with your existing services.
B. Host all your subsidiaries' services together with your existing services on the public cloud.
C. Build a homogenous infrastructure at each subsidiary, and invest in training their engineers.
D. Build a homogenous infrastructure at each subsidiary, and invest in hiring more engineers.

Question 17
What is the difference between Standard and Coldline storage?
A. Coldline storage is for data for which a slow transfer rate is acceptable.
B. Standard and Coldline storage have different durability guarantees.
C. Standard and Coldline storage use different APIs.
D. Coldline storage is for infrequently accessed data.

Question 18
What would provide near-unlimited availability of computing resources without requiring your organization to procure and provision new equipment?
A. Public cloud
B. Containers
C. Private cloud
D. Microservices

Question 19
You are a program manager for a team of developers who are building an event-driven application to allow users to follow one another's activities in the app. Each time a user adds himself as a follower of another user, a write occurs in the real-time database.
The developers will develop a lightweight piece of code that can respond to database writes and generate a notification to let the appropriate users know that they have gained new followers. The code should integrate with other cloud services such as Pub/Sub, Firebase, and Cloud APIs to streamline the orchestration process.
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A. Google Kubernetes Engine
B. Cloud Functions
C. App Engine flexible environment
D. Compute Engine

Question 20
Your organization is developing an application that will capture a large amount of data from millions of different sensor devices spread all around the world. Your organization needs a database that is suitable for worldwide, high-speed data storage of a large amount of unstructured data.
Which Google Cloud product should your organization choose?
A. Firestore
B. Cloud Data Fusion
C. Cloud SQL
D. Cloud Bigtable

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