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Google Associate-Cloud Exam

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Question 211
A Company is using Cloud SQL to host critical data. They want to enable high availability in case a complete zone goes down. How should you configure the same?

Question 212
You're writing a Python application and want your application to run in a sandboxed managed environment with the ability to scale up in seconds to account for huge spikes in demand.
Which service should you host your application on?

Question 213
You are a project owner and need your co-worker to deploy a new version of your application to App Engine. You want to follow Google's recommended practices.
Which IAM roles should you grant your co- worker?

Question 214
You developed a new application for App Engine and are ready to deploy it to production. You need to estimate the costs of running your application on Google Cloud Platform as accurately as possible. What should you do?

Question 215
Your company hosts multiple applications on Compute Engine instances. They want the instances to be resilient to any Host maintenance activities performed on the instance. How would you configure the instances?

Question 216
You are creating a Kubernetes Engine cluster to deploy multiple pods inside the cluster. All container logs must be stored in BigQuery for later analysis. You want to follow Google-recommended practices.
Which two approaches can you take?

Question 217
Your company has a mission-critical application that serves users globally. You need to select a transactional and relational data storage system for this application.
Which two products should you choose?

Question 218
You want to find out who in your organization has Owner access to a project called "my-project". What should you do?

Question 219
You need to verify the assigned permissions in a custom IAM role. What should you dou

Question 220
You have an App Engine application serving as your front-end. It's going to publish messages to Pub/Sub. The Pub/Sub API hasn't been enabled yet. What is the fastest way to enable the API?

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