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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 81
A company wants to ensure that all newly created files can be modified only by their owners and that all new directory content can be changed only by the creator of the directory. Which of the following commands will help achieve this task?
A. umask 0022
B. umask 0012
C. chmod -R 0644 /
D. chmod -R 0755 /

Question 82
A Linux administrator needs to back up the folder /usr/domain, and the output must be a gzip compressed tar. Which of the following commands should be used?
A. tar -cv domain.tar.gz /usr/domain
B. tar -cvf /usr/domain domain.tar.gz
C. tar -czvf domain.tar.gz /usr/domain
D. tar -cxzv /usr/domain domain.tar.gz

Question 83
A Linux administrator needs every new file created on a directory to maintain the group permissions of the same directory. Which of the following commands would satisfy this requirement?
A. chmod o+s
B. chmod u+s
C. chmod +s
D. chmod g+s

Question 84
Which of the following statements BEST represents what the term `agentless` means regarding orchestration?
A. Installation of a tool is not required on the remote system to perform orchestration tasks
B. It facilitates version control when using infrastructure as code during orchestration
C. It automatically removes malware from the remote system during orchestration
D. A tool can only be accessed remotely to perform orchestration tasks

Question 85
Given that a company's policy states that users cannot install third-party tools on Window servers, which of the following protocols will allow a Linux GUI to connect to a Windows server?
D. X11

Question 86
Ann, a junior Linux administrator, needs to copy software from her local machine to assist in developing a software application on a remote machine with the IP address The file needs to be placed on the /tmp directory. After downloading the RPM to the local machine, which of the following commands would be BEST to use to copy the software?
A. scp ~/software.rpm [email protected]:/tmp
B. scp ~/software.rpm [email protected]: /tmp
C. wget [email protected]:/tmp -f ~/software.rpm
D. scp [email protected] ~/software.rpm :/tmp

Question 87
An administrator is tasked with increasing the size of the volume /dev/vg/lv to 20GB. Which of the following BEST illustrates the steps the administrator should take?
A. vgextend -L20G /dev/vg/lv; resizelv /dev/vg/lv
B. parted -L20G /dev/vg/lv; remount /dev/vg/lv
C. mkfs -L20G /dev/vg/lv; tune2fs /dev/vg/lv
D. lvextend -L20G /dev/vg/lv; resize2fs /dev/vg/lv

Question 88
A systems administrator observes high latency values when reaching a remote web server. Which of the following commands will help determine and isolate issues on the network side?
A. mtr
B. dig
C. netstat
D. route

Question 89
A Linux administrator wants to obtain a list of files and subdirectories in the /etc directory that contain the word `services`. Once the files and subdirectories are discovered, they should be listed alphabetically in the /var/tmp/foundservices file. Which of the following shell scripts will accomplish this task?
A. #/bin/bash find /etc -name services | sort > /var/tmp/foundservices
B. #/bin/bash locate /etc -sort -name services > /var/tmp/foundservices
C. #/bin/bash find -name services -sort
D. #/bin/bash find /etc -name services -sort > /var/tmp/foundservices

Question 90
A systems administrator is enabling quotas on the /home directory of a Linux server. The administrator makes the appropriate edits to the /etc/fstab file and attempts to issue the commands to enable quotas on the desired directory. However, the administrator receives an error message stating the filesystem does not support quotas. Which of the following commands should the administrator perform to proceed?
A. mount -o remount /home
B. quotacheck -cg
C. edquota /home
D. quotaon /home