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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 61
In order to comply with new security policies, an administrator needs to prevent the SSH server from using insecure algorithms.
Which of the following files should be edited to accomplish this?
A. /etc/ssh/sshd_config
B. /etc/ssh/ssh_config
C. ~/.ssh/ssh_config
D. /etc/ssh/known_hosts

Question 62
Which of the following configuration files should be modified to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del in Linux?
A. /etc/inittab
B. ~/.bash_profile
C. /etc/securetty
D. /etc/security/limits.conf

Question 63
Joe, a user, is unable to log in to the server and contracts the systems administrator to look into the issue. The administrator examines the /etc/passwd file and discovers the following entry: joe:x:505:505::/home/joe:/bin/false
Which of the following commands should the administrator execute to resolve the problem?
A. usermod -s /bin/bash joe
B. passwd -u joe
C. useradd -s /bin/bash joe
D. chage -E -l joe

Question 64
A server is almost out of free memory and is becoming unresponsive. Which of the following sets of commands will BEST mitigate the issue?
A. free, fack, partprobe
B. lsof, lvcreate, mdadm
C. df, du, rmmod
D. fdisk, mkswap, swapon -a

Question 65
A Linux administrator is using a public cloud provider to host servers for a company's website. Using the provider's tools, the administrator wrote a JSON file to define how to deploy the servers. Which of the following techniques did the administrator use?
A. Infrastructure as code
B. Build automation
C. Platform as a service
D. Automated configuration

Question 66
A Linux system is running normally when the systems administrator receives an alert that one application spawned many processes. The application is consuming a lot of memory, and it will soon cause the machine to become unresponsive. Which of the following commands will stop each application process?
A. kill `pidof application`
B. killall application
C. kill -9 `ps -aux | grep application`
D. pkill -9 application

Question 67
A systems administrator configured a new kernel module, but it stopped working after reboot. Which of the following will allow the systems administrator to check for module problems during server startup?
A. lsmod
B. modprobe
C. modinfo
D. dmesg

Question 68
A junior Linux administrator is installing patches using YUM. The administrator issues the following command: yum list installedThe output of the command is as follows:
Given this scenario and the output, which of the following should the administrator do to address this issue?
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A. renice -n 9 -p 5180
B. killall yum
C. ps -ef | grep yum
D. top | grep yum

Question 69
A systems administrator needs to retrieve specific fields from a CSV file. Which of the following tools would accomplish this task?
A. awk
B. sort
C. print
D. echo

Question 70
Two specific users need access to a directory owned by root where backups are located. Which of the following commands would BEST ensure the specified users can access the backup files?
A. umask
B. chcon
C. chmod
D. setfacl