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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 11
A systems administrator needs to append output of ls -lha /opt command to the contents of a test.
txt file. Which of the following commands will accomplish this?
A. ls -lha /opt > test.txt
B. ls -lha /opt < test.txt
C. ls -lha /opt >> test.txt
D. ls -lha /opt << test.txt

Question 12
A Linux administrator needs to remotely update the contents of the URL.
Which of the following commands would allow the administrator to download the current contents of the URL before updating?
A. curl
B. dig
C. apt-get
D. yum list

Question 13
Which of the following BEST describes containers running on a Linux system?
A. Containers only need the namespaces functionality to run on a Linux system available since kernel 2.6.
B. Containers need a hypervisor to run on a Linux system. Cgroups namespaces are functionalities used for the kernel but not for running containers.
C. Containers only need the cgroups functionality for running on a Linux system. Namespaces is not a Linux kernel functionality needed for creating and managing containers.
D. Containers use the cgroups and namespaces functionalities to isolate processes and assign hardware resources to each of those isolated processes.

Question 14
A networked has been crashing intermittently. A Linux administrator would like to write a shell script that will attempt to ping the server and email an alert if the server fails to respond. The script will later be scheduled via cron job.
Which of the following scripts would BEST accomplish this task?
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Question 15
A Linux administrator is testing connectivity to a remote host on a shared terminal. The administrator wants to allow other users to access the terminal while the command is executing.
Which of the following commands should the administrator use?
A. bg ping remotehost
B. fg ping remotehost
C. ping remotehost < results
D. ping remotehost &

Question 16
A Linux administrator needs to switch from text mode to GUI. Which of the following runlevels will start the GUI by default?
A. Runlevel 3
B. Runlevel 4
C. Runlevel 5
D. Runlevel 6

Question 17
A junior systems administrator is configuring localization option environment variables. The administrator is given a checklist of tasks with the following requirements:
- View current settings of the LC_ALL environment variable only.
- Modify the LANG environment variable to US English Unicode.
Given this scenario, which of the following should be performed to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. echo $LC_ALL
B. locale
C. cat $LC_ALL
D. export LANG = en_US.UTF-8
E. export $LANG = en_US.UTF
F. stty

Question 18
An administrator needs to change the IP address on a server remotely. After updating the configuration files, a network restart is needed. However, the administrator fears that when the network connection drops, the network restart script will be killed before the new IP address has been set.
Which of the following commands would prevent the script from being killed?
A. nohup service network restart
B. service network restart &
C. echo "service network restart" | at now
D. bg service network restart

Question 19
A Linux administrator is testing a new web application on a local laptop and consistently shows the following 403 errors in the laptop's logs:
The web server starts properly, but an error is generated in the audit log. Which of the following settings should be enabled to prevent this audit message?
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A. httpd_can_network_connect = 1
B. httpd_enable_scripting = 1
C. httpd_enable_homedirs = 1
D. httpd_enable_cgi = 1

Question 20
Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of the X11 system?
A. X11 provides graphical display capabilities
B. X11 provides command line capabilities
C. X11 provides networking capabilities
D. X11 provides telephony capabilities.