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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 151
Using which of the following control mode commands is the correct way to substitute all occurrences of /dev/sdc with /dev/sdd while editing a file in vi?
A. :s//dev/sdc//dev/sdd
B. :s/\/dev\/sdc/\/dev\/sdd/g
C. :s/\/dev\/sdc/\/dev\/sdd
D. :%s/\/dev\/sdc/\/dev\/sdd

Question 152
A user needs to modify the IP address of a laptop. Which of the following files can be used to configure the network interface named eth0?
A. /etc/sysconfig/network/interfaces.cnf
B. /system/config/interfaces
C. /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
D. /system/networking/ifconfig
E. /etc/interfaces/eth0.conf

Question 153
A user wants to use terminal services from a Windows workstation to manage a Linux server. Which of the following should be installed on the Linux server to enable this functionality?
B. rdesktop

Question 154
On a UEFI-based system, which of the following invokes GRUB2 from the EFI command prompt?
A. boot//EFI/grub2.efi
B. EFI/grub2.efi
C. /boot/EFI/grub2.efi
D. /grub2.efi

Question 155
A systems administrator notices a large number of autoloaded device modules are no longer needed and decides to do a cleanup of them. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?
A. rmmod -c
B. depmod -r
C. insmod -c
D. modprobe -r

Question 156
A Linux administrator looks at the /etc/timezone file and determines the need to change the time zone from California to New York temporarily. Which of the following commands will accomplish this?
A. sed -f TZ=America/New_York
B. cat TZ=America/New_York
C. export TZ=America/New_York
D. printf TZ=America/New_York

Question 157
A user has been locked out of an account due to too many failed password attempts. Which of the following commands will unlock the user's account?
A. pam_tally2 --user=user --reset
B. passwd -u user -G root
C. usermod -u user -G root
D. chage -1 user=user --reset

Question 158
A systems administrator receives a report that the web server is not running after a planned system reboot. After starting the web server manually, which of the following commands should the administrator issue to ensure the web server starts at boot time?
A. systemctl service on
B. systemctl enable .service
C. systemctl service enable
D. systemctl on .service

Question 159
An administrator is reviewing updates in the master online Git repository and notices a file named .
htaccess. The file contains passwords and should only be in the administrator's local repository, not the online one. Which of the following would prevent this file from appearing online in the future?
A. git commit -m "File Update" -x .htaccess
B. sed -i 's/#Preserve Hidden=True/Preserve Hidden=True/g' .git/config
C. chown nobody:nodoby .htaccess
D. echo ".htaccess" >> .gitignore

Question 160
A technician wants to secure a sensitive workstation by ensuring network traffic is kept within the local subnet. To accomplish this task, the technician executes the following command:
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_default_ttlWhich of the following commands can the technician use to confirm the expected results? (Choose two.)
A. tcpdump
B. traceroute
C. route
D. iperf
E. ip
F. arp