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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 101
An administrator needs to deploy 100 identical CentOS workstations via PXE boot. Which of the following should the administrator use to minimize the amount of interaction with the consoles needed?
A. Kickstart script
B. Ghost image on a distribution server
C. Hard disk duplicator
D. Hard disk duplicator
E. Ubiquity script

Question 102
A user, jsmith, needs access to database files located on a server. Which of the following will add jsmith to the `dba` group and preserve existing group memberships?
A. usermod -a -G dba jsmith
B. usermod -g dba jsmith
C. useradd -g dba jsmith
D. groupmod dba -u jsmith

Question 103
A Linux administrator installed a new network adapter and temporarily disabled the network service from starting on boot. The partial output of chkconfig is as follows:
Which of the following commands BEST describes how the administrator should re-enable the network service?
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A. chkconfig --level 0 network on
B. chkconfig --level 0-6 network on
C. chkconfig --level 6 network on
D. chkconfig --level 12 network on
E. chkconfig --level 345 network on

Question 104
An engineer is working on a production application deployment that requires changing a web application property file called server.
property that is managed by the Git version control system. A cloned copy of the remote repository in which the server.
property file exists is on the local desktop computer. The engineer makes appropriate changes to the files, saves it as server.
property, and executes git commit -m `changed the property file` server.
property. Which of the following commands did the engineer fail to perform?
A. git init
B. git merge
C. git add
D. git push

Question 105
A Linux administrator retrieved a repository of files from a Git server using git clone. The administrator wants to see if a configuration file was added to the repository. Which of the following Git arguments should be used to see the recent modifications?
A. fetch
B. log
C. init
D. pull

Question 106
A systems administrator is unable to reach other devices on the network and the Internet. The server is configured with the IP address on eth0.
The server's router is The administrator reviews the output of route -n:
Which of the following commands should the administrator run to correct the issue?
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A. route del default gw eth0; route add default gw eth0
B. route add -net netmask gw eth0
C. route add default eth0
D. route host gw eth0

Question 107
A junior Linux administrator needs to access production servers using a secure SSH protocol. Which of the following files should contain the public key to gain remote access to the server?
A. ~/ssh/authorized-keys
B. /etc/authorized_keys
C. /etc/sshd/ssh.conf
D. ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Question 108
An administrator needs to see the type of CPU that a server is running. Which of the following files contains this information?
A. /proc/cpuinfo
B. /etc/devices/info.conf
C. /dev/proc/cpu
D. /sys/dev/cpuinfo

Question 109
A junior systems administrator is creating a cron job. The cron job requirements are as follows:
- Run the script every hour (24 times in one day).
- Run it on Monday only.
Given this scenario, which of the following crontab options should be configured to meet these requirements?
A. 0 *** 1
B. 0 24 ** Monday
C. 24 *** Monday
D. 1 *** 0

Question 110
A Linux systems administrator is setting up SSH access with PKI for several using their newly created RSA keys. Which of the following MOST securely achieves this task?
A. Use curl to copy each user's public key file to the respective system
B. Use cp to copy each user's public key file to the respective system
C. Use ssh-copy-id to copy each user's public key file to the respective system
D. Use ssh-copy-id to copy each user's private key file to the respective system