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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 71
Which of the following is the purpose of the monitoring server role?

Question 72
A junior administrator is migrating a virtual machine from a Type 1 hypervisor to a Type 2 hypervisor. To ensure portability, which of the following formats should the administrator export from the Type 1 hypervisor to ensure compatibility?

Question 73
A junior systems administrator is upgrading a package that was installed on a Red Hat-based system. The administrator is tasked with the following:
- Update and install the new package.
- Verify the new package version is installed.
Which of the following should be done to BEST accomplish these task? (Choose two.)

Question 74
Which of the following is the template for the grub.cfg file?

Question 75
A Linux administrator implemented a new HTTP server using the default configuration. None of the users on the network can access the server. If there is no problem on the network or with the users' workstations, which of the following steps will BEST analyze and resolve the issue?

Question 76
A Linux storage administrator wants to create a logical volume group. Which of the following commands is required to start the process?

Question 77
A Linux administrator built a GitLab server. Later that day, a software engineer tried to access the server to upload the repository during the final step of installation. The software engineer could not access the website. Which of the following firewall rules would allow access to this site?

Question 78
While creating a file on a volume, the Linux administrator receives the following message: No space left on device. Running the df -m command, the administrator notes there is still 50% of usage left. Which of the following is the NEXT step the administrator should take to analyze the issue without losing data?

Question 79
A user attempts to use the mount -a command but gets the following error: mount: mount point /mnt/test does not existWhich of the following commands best describes the action the Linux administrator should take NEXT?

Question 80
Which of the following is modified to reconfigure the boot environment?