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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 31
A Linux administrator has configured a Linux system to be used as a router. The administrator confirms that two network adapters are properly installed and functioning correctly. In addition, the output of the iptables -L command appears to contain a complete firewall configuration.
Which of the following commands does the administrator need to issue for the router to be fully functional?

Question 32
A systems administration team has decided to treat their systems as immutable instances. They keep the desired state of each of their systems in version control and apply automation whenever they provision a new instance. If there is an issue with one of their servers, instead of troubleshooting the issue, they terminate the instance and rebuild it using automation.
Which of the following is this an example of?

Question 33
A systems administrator wants to deploy several applications to the same server quickly. Each application should be abstracted from the host with its own dependencies and libraries and utilize a minimal footprint.
Which of the following would be BEST in this scenario?

Question 34
An operator finds a user is having issues with opening certain files.
Which of the following commands would allow the security administrator to list and check the SELinux context?

Question 35
A new corporate policy states that Bluetooth should be disabled on all company laptops. Which of the following commands would disable the use of Bluetooth?

Question 36
A junior Linux administrator is installing a new application with CPU architecture requirements that have the following specifications:
- x64 bit
- 3.0GHz speed
- Minimum quad core
The administrator wants to leverage existing equipment but is unsure whether the requirements of these systems are adequate. The administrator issues the following command cat /proc/cpuinfo. The output of the command is as follows:
Which of the following is the recommended course of action the administrator should take based on this output?
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Question 37
A Linux systems administrator wants the ability to access systems remotely over SSH using RSA authentication. To which of the following files should the RSA token be added to allow this access?

Question 38
A Linux server needs to be accessed, but the root password is not available.
Which of the following would BEST allow an administrator to regain access and set a new known password at the same time?

Question 39
A Linux administrator wants to fetch a Git repository from a remote Git server.
Which of the following is the BEST command to perform this task?

Question 40
An administrator needs to create a shared directory in which all users are able to read, write, and execute its content but none of the regular users are able to delete any content.
Which of the following permissions should be applied to this shared directory?