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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 161
An administrator needs to create a file named hello in the home directory that contains the following text: it's me!Which of the following commands would accomplish this goal?

Question 162
Which of the following commands will let a Linux user know the PCI devices that are installed in the system?

Question 163
A Linux administrator is updating iptables rules and is given the following tasks:
- Output a list of iptables rules.
- Remove all iptables rules.
Which of the following actions should be performed from the terminal console to accomplish these tasks? (Choose two.)

Question 164
A junior Linux administrator is performing version control on a Git repository. The administrator is given a list of tasks to complete:
- List the currently installed Git release.
- Show the status reporting of the clone.
Which of the following commands would allow the administrator to complete these tasks? (Choose two.)

Question 165
A systems administrator needs to allow the Linux server to receive HTTP connections from Internet hosts. By default, the port for HTTP connections is blocked.
Which of the following rules should be added in the firewall to allow this type of connection?

Question 166
A Linux administrator attempts to install the package newprogram.x86_64.rpm using a package manager. The administrator receives a warning indicating the command that was run was using a deprecated package manager. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to avoid the warning and install the newprogram.x86_64.rpm program?

Question 167
Which of the following would allow remote users to access a corporate server? (Choose two.)

Question 168
A junior administrator is configuring local name lookups for fully qualified domain names in an isolated environment. The administrator is given a checklist and must accomplish the following tasks:
- Add localhost with loopback address.
- Add to resolve to database01.comptia.orgGiven this scenario, which of the following steps should the administrator perform to accomplish these tasks?

Question 169
An administrator is reviewing suspicious activity on a server and needs to determine which users logged into the system within the past 24 hours. Which of the following commands should the administrator run to determine this?

Question 170
During the final step of staging new Linux hardware, GRUB2 is installed to the system drive. Which of the following BEST describes the role of GRUB2 in a newLinux installation?