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CompTIA XK0-004 Exam

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Question 141
A systems administrator installs a simple package, but the Linux system returns the following error: rpmdb open fails. To verify if there is a problem in theRPM database, the systems administrator runs the following command:
Which of the following commands should the systems administrator run NEXT to resolve this issue?
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Question 142
Joe, a user, reports that he is no longer able to write files to his home directory. Upon inspection, the Linux administrator discovers that attempting to create a new file gives the following error: No space left on device. However, the disk and partition are not full. Which of the following commands would be BEST for the administrator to use to continue troubleshooting this problem?

Question 143
A Linux administrator is adding a static IP address to a network interface on a Linux system. The administrator modifies the ifcfg- eth0 configuration file with the following settings:
After the administrator restarts the Linux server, the system is not connected to the network. Which of the following configuration settings needs to be changed?
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Question 144
A company wants to provide internal identity verification services for networked devices. Which of the following servers should be installed?

Question 145
An administrator notices a directory on a web server named /var/www/html/old_reports that should no longer be accessible on the web. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

Question 146
A Linux administrator wants to configure log messages of critical or higher severity levels from the cron utility to be logged to the console. Which of the following will accomplish this objective?

Question 147
A file server is sharing a directory called /share between team members inside a company. The fileshare needs to be moved from serverA to /newshare located on serverB with all permissions and attributes preserved. Which of the following commands would BEST achieve this task?

Question 148
An administrator needs to look at a log for an application on a systemd-based system. There is no log for this application in /var/log. Which of the following is another way to view the application log on this system?

Question 149
Which of the following is true about Type 2 hypervisors?

Question 150
A security administrator wants to display a warning banner before a user logs in. Which of the following files must be edited to make this happen?