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CompTIA SY0-601 Exam

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Question 61
Data exfiltration analysis indicates that an attacker managed to download system configuration notes from a web server. The web-server logs have been deleted, but analysts have determined that the system configuration notes were stored in the database administrator's folder on the web server. Which of the following attacks explains what occurred? (Choose two.)
A. Pass-the-hash
B. Directory traversal
C. SQL injection
D. Privilege escalation
E. Cross-site scripting
F. Request forgery

Question 62
A junior security analyst is conducting an analysis after passwords were changed on multiple accounts without users' interaction. The SIEM have multiple login entries with the following text: suspicious event - user: scheduledtasks successfully authenticate on AD on abnormal time suspicious event - user: scheduledtasks failed to execute c:\ suspicious event - user: scheduledtasks failed to execute c:\weekly_checkups\ suspicious event - user: scheduledtasks successfully executed c:\
Which of the following is the MOST likely attack conducted on the environment?
A. Malicious script
B. Privilege escalation
C. Domain hijacking
D. DNS poisoning

Question 63
A customer service representative reported an unusual text message that was sent to the help desk. The message contained an unrecognized invoice number with a large balance due and a link to click for more details. Which of the following BEST describes this technique?
A. Vishing
B. Whaling
C. Phishing
D. Smishing

Question 64
Which of the following actions would be recommended to improve an incident response process?
A. Train the team to identify the difference between events and incidents.
B. Modify access so the IT team has full access to the compromised assets.
C. Contact the authorities if a cybercrime is suspected.
D. Restrict communication surrounding the response to the IT team.

Question 65
A cybersecurity administrator needs to implement a Layer 7 security control on a network and block potential attacks. Which of the following can block an attack atLayer 7? (Choose two.)

Question 66
A business operations manager is concerned that a PC that is critical to business operations will have a costly hardware failure soon. The manager is looking for options to continue business operations without incurring large costs. Which of the following would mitigate the manager's concerns?
A. Implement a full system upgrade.
B. Perform a physical-to-virtual migration.
C. Install uninterruptible power supplies.
D. Purchase cybersecurity insurance.

Question 67
An organization has activated an incident response plan due to a malware outbreak on its network. The organization has brought in a forensics team that has identified an internet-facing Windows server as the likely point of initial compromise. The malware family that was detected is known to be distributed by manually logging on to servers and running the malicious code. Which of the following actions would be BEST to prevent reinfection from the infection vector?
A. Prevent connections over TFTP from the internal network.
B. Create a firewall rule that blocks a 22 from the internet to the server.
C. Disable file sharing over port 445 to the server.
D. Block port 3389 inbound from untrusted networks.

Question 68
Which of the following uses SAML for authentication?
B. Federation
C. Kerberos

Question 69
The SOC for a large MSSP is meeting to discuss the lessons learned from a recent incident that took much too long to resolve. This type of incident has become more common in recent weeks and is consuming large amounts of the analysts' time due to manual tasks being performed. Which of the following solutions should the SOC consider to BEST improve its response time?
A. Configure a NIDS appliance using a Switched Port Analyzer.
B. Collect OSINT and catalog the artifacts in a central repository.
C. Implement a SOAR with customizable playbooks.
D. Install a SIEM with community-driven threat intelligence.

Question 70
Business partners are working on a security mechanism to validate transactions securely. The requirement is for one company to be responsible for deploying a trusted solution that will register and issue artifacts used to sign, encrypt, and decrypt transaction files. Which of the following is the BEST solution to adopt?
B. Blockchain
D. OAuth