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CompTIA SY0-601 Exam

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Question 81
A forensic analyst needs to prove that data has not been tampered with since it was collected.
Which of the following methods will the analyst MOST likely use?

Question 82
Multiple business accounts were compromised a few days after a public website had its credentials database leaked on the Internet. No business emails were identified in the breach, but the security team thinks that the list of passwords exposed was later used to compromise business accounts. Which of the following would mitigate the issue?

Question 83
A security analyst wants to fingerprint a web server. Which of the following tools will the security analyst MOST likely use to accomplish this task?

Question 84
A penetration tester was able to compromise an internal server and is now trying to pivot the current session in a network lateral movement. Which of the following tools, if available on the server, will provide the MOST useful information for the next assessment step?

Question 85
Field workers in an organization are issued mobile phones on a daily basis. All the work is performed within one city, and the mobile phones are not used for any purpose other than work. The organization does not want these phones used for personal purposes. The organization would like to issue the phones to workers as permanent devices so the phones do not need to be reissued every day. Given the conditions described, which of the following technologies would BEST meet these requirements?

Question 86
Which of the following control types is focused primarily on reducing risk before an incident occurs?

Question 87
A systems administrator reports degraded performance on a virtual server. The administrator increases the virtual memory allocation, which improves conditions, but performance degrades again after a few days. The administrator runs an analysis tool and sees the following output:
==3214== timeAttend.exe analyzed
==3214== malloc/free: in use at exit: 4608 bytes in 18 blocks.
==3214== checked 82116 bytes
==3214== definitely lost: 4608 bytes in 18 blocks.
The administrator terminates the timeAttend.exe, observes system performance over the next few days, and notices that the system performance does not degrade.
Which of the following issues is MOST likely occurring?

Question 88
An administrator is experiencing issues when trying to upload a support file to a vendor. A pop-up message reveals that a payment card number was found in the file, and the file upload was blocked. Which of the following controls is most likely causing this issue and should be checked FIRST?

Question 89
Which of the following risk management strategies would an organization use to maintain a legacy system with known risks for operational purposes?

Question 90
Which of the following is the BEST action to foster a consistent and auditable incident response process?