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CompTIA SK0-005 Exam

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Question 21
Which of the following will correctly map a script to a home directory for a user based on username?
A. \\server\users$\username
B. \\server\%username%
C. \\server\FirstInitialLastName
D. \\server\$username$

Question 22
A server that recently received hardware upgrades has begun to experience random BSOD conditions. Which of the following are likely causes of the issue?(Choose two.)
A. Faulty memory
B. Data partition error
C. Incorrectly seated memory
D. Incompatible disk speed
E. Uninitialized disk
F. Overallocated memory

Question 23
A server administrator has configured a web server. Which of the following does the administrator need to install to make the website trusted?

Question 24
A technician is attempting to update a server's firmware. After inserting the media for the firmware and restarting the server, the machine starts normally into theOS. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to install the firmware?
A. Press F8 to enter safe mode
B. Boot from the media
C. Enable HIDS on the server
D. Log in with an administrative account

Question 25
A server administrator mounted a new hard disk on a Linux system with a mount point of /newdisk. It was later determined that users were unable to create directories or files on the new mount point. Which of the following commands would successfully mount the drive with the required parameters?
A. echo /newdisk >> /etc/fstab
B. net use /newdisk
C. mount o remount, rw /newdisk
D. mount a

Question 26
Which of the following BEST describes the concept of right to downgrade?
A. It allows for the return of a new OS license if the newer OS is not compatible with the currently installed software and is returning to the previously used OS
B. It allows a server to run on fewer resources than what is outlined in the minimum requirements document without purchasing a license
C. It allows for a previous version of an OS to be deployed in a test environment for each current license that is purchased
D. It allows a previous version of an OS to be installed and covered by the same license as the newer version

Question 27
A server administrator needs to harden a server by only allowing secure traffic and DNS inquiries. A port scan reports the following ports are open:
Which of the following open ports should be closed to secure the server properly? (Choose two.)
A. 21
B. 22
C. 23
D. 53
E. 443
F. 636

Question 28
A server administrator wants to check the open ports on a server. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to complete the task?
A. nslookup
B. nbtstat
C. telnet
D. netstat -a

Question 29
Which of the following must a server administrator do to ensure data on the SAN is not compromised if it is leaked?
A. Encrypt the data that is leaving the SAN
B. Encrypt the data at rest
C. Encrypt the host servers
D. Encrypt all the network traffic

Question 30
A server technician has been asked to upload a few files from the internal web server to the internal FTP server. The technician logs in to the web server usingPuTTY, but the connection to the FTP server fails. However, the FTP connection from the technician's workstation is suׁcessful. To troubleshoot the issue, the technician executes the following command on both the web server and the workstation: ping ftp.acme.localThe IP address in the command output is different on each machine. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the connection failure?
A. A misconfigured firewall
B. A misconfigured hosts.deny file
C. A misconfigured hosts file
D. A misconfigured hosts.allow file