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CompTIA SK0-005 Exam

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Question 11
Which of the following documents would be useful when trying to restore IT infrastructure operations after a non-planned interruption?

Question 12
A systems administrator is setting up a new server that will be used as a DHCP server. The administrator installs the OS but is then unable to log on using ActiveDirectory credentials. The administrator logs on using the local administrator account and verifies the server has the correct IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. The administrator then gets on another server and can ping the new server. Which of the following is causing the issue?

Question 13
A systems administrator is preparing to install two servers in a single rack. The administrator is concerned that having both servers in one rack will increase the chance of power issues due to the increased load. Which of the following should the administrator implement FIRST to address the issue?

Question 14
Which of the following is a method that is used to prevent motor vehicles from getting too close to building entrances and exits?

Question 15
A technician is installing a variety of servers in a rack. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the technician to take while loading the rack?

Question 16
A technician is configuring a server that requires secure remote access. Which of the following ports should the technician use?

Question 17
A server administrator is using remote access to update a server. The administrator notices numerous error messages when using YUM to update the applications on a server. Which of the following should the administrator check FIRST?

Question 18
Which of the following is an example of load balancing?

Question 19
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate scripting language to use for a logon script for a Linux box?

Question 20
Which of the following tools will analyze network logs in real time to report on suspicious log events?