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CompTIA PT0-002 Exam

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Question 81
Penetration-testing activities have concluded, and the initial findings have been reviewed with the client. Which of the following best describes the NEXT step in the engagement?
A. Acceptance by the client and sign-off on the final report
B. Scheduling of follow-up actions and retesting
C. Attestation of findings and delivery of the report
D. Review of the lessons during the engagement

Question 82
A penetration tester discovers a web server that is within the scope of the engagement has already been compromised with a backdoor. Which of the following should the penetration tester do NEXT?
A. Forensically acquire the backdoor Trojan and perform attribution.
B. Utilize the backdoor in support of the engagement.
C. Continue the engagement and include the backdoor finding in the final report.
D. Inform the customer immediately about the backdoor.

Question 83
Which of the following would a company's hunt team be MOST interested in seeing in a final report?
A. Executive summary
B. Attack TTPs
C. Methodology
D. Scope details

Question 84
A Chief Information Security Officer wants a penetration tester to evaluate whether a recently installed firewall is protecting a subnetwork on which many decades- old legacy systems are connected. The penetration tester decides to run an OS discovery and a full port scan to identify all the systems and any potential vulnerability. Which of the following should the penetration tester consider BEFORE running a scan?
A. The timing of the scan
B. The bandwidth limitations
C. The inventory of assets and versions
D. The type of scan