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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 61
During the execution phase of a project, a project task has run longer than anticipated.
Which of the following is the new critical path of the project if Task 2 requires an additional two days to complete?
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A. 12 days
B. 14 days
C. 16 days
D. 19 days

Question 62
A project manager who is part of a global team wants to have a team building meeting and decides to hold a video conference.
Which of the following is MOST likely to be the main challenge the influences this decision?
A. Geographical factors
B. Language barriers
C. Cultural differences
D. Technology factors

Question 63
A project team member highlights to the project manager that expensive licensing for critical software in use across the project may expire before the completion project.
Which of the following would the project manager MOST likely do?
A. Place a risk on the risk register and arrange a risk review with the appropriate stakeholders to accept and/or mitigate the risk.
B. Raise a purchase order to purchase the licensing and ask the team member to install it.
C. Amend the project scope and raise a project change request to obtain approval of the amendment.
D. Amend the project schedule and work breakdown structures to remove the use of the software from the project.

Question 64
A vendor is unable to deliver an order by the specified date.
Which of the following should be the project manager's NEXT steps? (Choose two.)
A. The project manager should notify the affected project team and, if necessary, adjust the schedule because the project could potentially encounter delays.
B. The project manager should notify the project sponsor to update the schedule in the documentation because the project could potentially encounter delays.
C. The project manager should adjust the schedule in the documentation and, if necessary, take steps to rush other areas of the schedule so the project will not encounter delays.
D. The project manager should update the project management plan in the documentation to reflect the reason for the possible delay in the project timeline.
E. The project manager should update the procurement plan and action items to reflect the possible delay in the project timeline.

Question 65
A project manager received a change request, immediately documented the required changes, and evaluated the impact of and justification for the changes.
Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Gain approval for the changes.
B. Identify the approval authority.
C. Implement the changes.
D. Create an emergency change request.

Question 66
A project team is mainly based in a metropolitan area. The team also has members in a remote area, where Internet access is limited and unstable.
Which of the following factors will MOST likely influence the communication methods used in the project?
A. Personal preferences
B. Technological factors
C. Language barriers
D. Cultural differences

Question 67
A project manager noticed the development team supporting a project does not have sufficient skills to complete the development phase. The project manager has discussed this issue with the functional manager and agreed to continue with the development phase due to time restrictions.
Which of the following strategies is the project manager applying?
A. Accepting
B. Mitigating
C. Avoiding
D. Transferring

Question 68
A business has implemented a new online performance management tool that allows functional and project managers to rate employees online.
This action is known as which of the following?
A. Business process change
B. Organizational change
C. Internal reorganization
D. Business continuity planning

Question 69
A project manager needs to track the actual and estimated start and finish dates of all WBS work packages.
Which of the following is a necessary step to record the actual durations?
A. Establish each WBS work package resource.
B. Establish and set the baseline.
C. Establish and set the quality gates.
D. Establish the tollgates.

Question 70
Which of the following describes how a project is related to a program?
A. A program is a combination of multiple projects.
B. A program contains an element of the project.
C. A program is a part of a project.
D. A program uses half of the project's budget.