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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 241
A task on the critical path will not be completed on time. The project manager is reviewing both the schedule and the risk register to create a corrective action plan. The project completion date and quality of the deliverable cannot change. Which of the following activities should the project manager perform NEXT?
A. Revise the project plan.
B. Update the issue log.
C. Request additional funding.
D. Issue a change request.

Question 242
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate communication method for a highly confidential message to a Multilanguage global project team?
A. Encrypted email
B. Face-to-face communication with a translator
C. Social media communication through a secure connection
D. Voice conferencing

Question 243
Which of the following defines the minimum level of engagement of a stakeholder?
A. Passive
B. Invested
C. Contributing
D. Interested

Question 244
At a project kickoff meeting, several team members acted unprofessionally. The project manager would like to set expectations for team interaction. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this?
A. Team contract
B. Corrective action plan
C. User acceptance policy

Question 245
A company is in the process of combining the human resources and marketing departments. Which of the following describes this change?
A. Business process change
B. Business merger
C. Internal reorganization
D. Interorganizational change

Question 246
A change is being implemented on a project, and while in testing, it becomes clear that the change cannot be finalized due to the severe impact it would have on other critical systems. Which of the following should the team consult to determine which actions to take?
A. Incident response plan
B. Regression plan
C. Progress plan
D. Business continuity plan

Question 247
A senior developer abruptly resigned without notice. Because of the senior developer's expertise, the active task workload was substantial.
This would likely impact the project's: (Choose two.)
A. environment
B. scheduling
C. requirements
D. quality
E. scope
F. budget

Question 248
Which of the following information does the project risk register typically contain?
A. Type of risk, identified risk, risk response, impact of risk, severity of risk
B. Type of risk, project task, risk response, impact of risk, severity of risk
C. Type of risk, identified risk, risk response, project schedule risk, severity of risk
D. Type of risk, identified risk, risk response, impact of risk, risk avoidance

Question 249
A project encountered a problem and reached a milestone. In which of the following documents will the stakeholders MOST likely find information on these events?
A. Issues log
B. Change log
C. Status report
D. Meeting minutes

Question 250
A critical issue has developed in an active project, and the project manager wants to notify the 20-person global project manager use FIRST to relay this information?
A. Individually call all project team members.
B. Send an email to all project team members.
C. Schedule a conference call.
D. Schedule a face-to-face meeting.