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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 221
A project manager receives a call from the area regional building department and is informed that, upon inspection, waterlines from public water access to the project building do not meet local material and installation code specifications. Which of the following items BEST describes the unmet objective?
A. Schedule
B. Milestone
C. Gate
D. Task

Question 222
A project manager at a projectized organization is finishing the objective goals for the appraisal process. Performance goals have been identified for colocated individuals working on the team. Which of the following is the appropriate communication method for relaying the goals to the team members?
A. Email
B. Distribution of printed media
C. Face-to-face
D. Video conferencing

Question 223
During the testing phase, a team member has informed the project manager that the test environment was set with inadequate client information, putting the project in jeopardy. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Ask the team member to move to a different test environment.
B. Ask the team member to refrain from testing the scenarios.
C. Revisit the risk management plan and provide corrective actions.
D. Revisit the contingency plan and provide corrective actions.

Question 224
A subcontractor has submitted design documentation on the deliverable due date, but it will require rework. The activity is on the critical path of the project schedule. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Determine the expected duration of the rework and complete a charge request to modify the project baselines.
B. Notify the project sponsor to schedule and facilitate a team meeting to rework the design documentation.
C. Determine the expected duration of the rework with any associated quality control activities and add the duration to an updated version of the WBS.
D. Update the master project schedule, and distribute it all stakeholders in accordance with the project communications plan.

Question 225
A project manager must create documentation before the project kickoff meeting. Which of the following documents will identify the project, introduce the project manager, and establish authority in the project?
A. Responsibility matrix
B. Resource al__cpLocation plan
C. Project charter
D. Statement of work

Question 226
Which of the following are mutually binding project documents? (Choose two.)
A. Quotation
B. Letter of intent
C. Proposal
D. Evaluation
E. Warranty
F. Charter

Question 227
An organization has determined that all projects must use a remote dashboard to allow portfolio management. Which of the following would enforce this directive?
A. Project management office
B. Project sponsor
C. Project manager
D. Project coordinator

Question 228
A project team has failed to deliver on changes the project manager outlined on a call two weeks ago. The project team members indicate they did not remember the contents on the call. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to improve the level of awareness of changes to the project schedule?
A. Define the communications plan.
B. Record the missed tasks on the issue log.
C. Provide meeting minutes after each call.
D. Complete a fishbone diagram.

Question 229
A quality auditor finds suspicious code during a software test. For which of the following could this be a trigger?
A. Incident response
B. Quality control
C. Resource changes
D. Business continuity response

Question 230
A project manager wants to ensure that a detailed overview of a new kitchen fits the client's standards. Which of the following will the project manager MOST likely work to accomplish?
A. Detailed project schedule to deliver on time
B. Gate reviews to capture the progress and feedback
C. Reasonable number of changes to maintain quality
D. Wide range of time between the start and end of the installation