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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 191
Task B is not planned to start until Task A is completed. Task A is delayed and will not be completed on time. Starting Task B prior to Task A completing is an example of:
A. Managing change
B. Fast tracking
C. Rolling wave planning
D. Crashing

Question 192
The project team is not comfortable moving an expensive material.
A third party is hired to move the material. This is an example of risk:
A. Transference
B. Sharing
C. Avoidance
D. Acceptance

Question 193
The project's network map has a loop with multiple project outcomes.
This is the result of which of the following scheduling tools?
A. Establishing project schedule baselines
B. Critical Path Analysis
C. Critical Chain Method
D. Graphical evaluation and review technique

Question 194
Which of the following tools would a project manager use to determine the root cause of an issue?
A. Pareto Chart
B. Ishikawa Diagram
C. Histogram
D. Monte Carlo Analysis

Question 195
Which of the following activity sequencing techniques uses nodes to symbolize activities and arrows to show how their dependencies are connected?
A. Critical Path Method
B. Arrow Diagramming Method
C. Critical Chain Method
D. Precedence Diagramming Method

Question 196
Which of the following activity sequencing techniques uses nodes to symbolize the dependencies of each activity?
A. Critical Path Method
B. Critical Chain Method
C. Arrow Diagramming Method
D. Gantt Chart Method

Question 197
A PM receives notification that an issue will impact a deliverable on the critical path. The issue is logged with a unique ID and assigned to a team member; however, the team member has not addressed it after a week. Which of the following would be the BEST approach to resolving the issue?
A. Assign a different team member to resolve the issue before the next status meeting.
B. Review the issue with the assigned team member to determine a due date.
C. Set a due date to resolve the issue and inform the assigned team member.
D. Report the team member to a functional manager for disciplinary action.

Question 198
Three IT companies have agreed to summarize their efforts as a common organization to generate new businesses in the IT cloud computing industry. Which of the following is the type of organizational change described?
A. Expansion
B. Rightsizing
C. Merger
D. Onboarding

Question 199
A project manager is not required to participate in performance appraisal meetings with team members. The project manager is working within which of the following organizational structures?
A. Projectized
B. Balanced matrix
C. Functional
D. Strong matrix

Question 200
A sponsor requests that the project team shorten the completion of a project by two months to give the sales team more leverage in renegotiating the contract with the client. The budgeted time is 500 hours, and the projected earned value is $30,000.
Which of the following represents the cost variance for both project completions?
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A. -$4.8K and -$7K
B. -$4.9K and $7K
C. $4.8K and -$7K
D. $4.8K and $7K