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CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

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Question 31
After identifying all known tasks, the project manager has started to sequence and set durations.
Which of the following describes how the project manager should BEST determine the initial sequence and durations?

Question 32
A company has updated the method it uses to initiate projects. The company requires RFPs from three vendors, and low and high bids must be rejected to determine the selected vendor.
Which of the following terms describe this requirement?

Question 33
A project team is overseeing the installation of a new reptile habitat at the local zoo. During execution, zoo personnel decides to house a different type of reptile that will require a different temperature range than the capacity of the installed system. The modification has been approved.
Which of the following constraints are MOST likely to be affected? (Choose two.)

Question 34
Assuming an iterative approach, which of the following will be conducted at the end of each iteration?

Question 35
The project manager has noticed a vendor is not performing in accordance with the SLA.
Which of the following items should the project manager use to highlight the vendor's areas of poor performance?

Question 36
Two team members are arguing over two different approaches to complete a task. The project manager listens to both sides, determines neither approach will work, and directs the team members to use a third option.
This type of conflict resolution is known as:

Question 37
Which of the following metrics demonstrates to a project manager if a project is overspending or underspending?

Question 38
The project sponsor has cut the resources required for project completion. The project manager cannot complete the project without additional resources.
Which of the following should the project manager do to obtain the resources?

Question 39
An organization has multiple projects that are taking place simultaneously.
Which of the following should be tasked with ensuring resources are appropriately allocated to projects?

Question 40
When a risk event occurs, which of the following documents is BEST suited for recording and tracking new items corresponding to the risk?