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CompTIA N10-008 Exam

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Question 81
A store owner would like to have secure wireless access available for both business equipment and patron use. Which of the following features should be configured to allow different wireless access through the same equipment?

Question 82
Which of the following systems would MOST likely be found in a screened subnet?

Question 83
Which of the following would need to be configured to ensure a device with a specific MAC address is always assigned the same IP address from DHCP?

Question 84
Access to a datacenter should be individually recorded by a card reader even when multiple employees enter the facility at the same time. Which of the following allows the enforcement of this policy?

Question 85
A workstation is configured with the following network details:
Software on the workstation needs to send a query to the local subnet broadcast address. To which of the following addresses should the software be configured to send the query?
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Question 86
After the A record of a public website was updated, some visitors were unable to access the website. Which of the following should be adjusted to address the issue?

Question 87
A network administrator is installing a wireless network at a client's office. Which of the following IEEE 802.11 standards would be BEST to use for multiple simultaneous client access?

Question 88
A technician is installing multiple UPS units in a major retail store. The technician is required to keep track of all changes to new and old equipment. Which of the following will allow the technician to record these changes?

Question 89
Which of the following attacks encrypts user data and requires a proper backup implementation to recover?

Question 90
A network administrator wants to analyze attacks directed toward the company's network. Which of the following must the network administrator implement to assist in this goal?