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CompTIA N10-008 Exam

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Question 111
A company is being acquired by a large corporation. As part of the acquisition process, the company's address should now redirect clients to the corporate organization page. Which of the following DNS records needs to be created?

Question 112
A user is having difficulty with video conferencing and is looking for assistance. Which of the following would BEST improve performance?

Question 113
A network technician is configuring a new firewall for a company with the necessary access requirements to be allowed through the firewall. Which of the following would normally be applied as the LAST rule in the firewall?

Question 114
A technician wants to install a WAP in the center of a room that provides service in a radius surrounding a radio. Which of the following antenna types should theAP utilize?

Question 115
A systems administrator is running a VoIP network and is experiencing jitter and high latency. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator determine the cause of these issues?

Question 116
The following instructions were published about the proper network configuration for a videoconferencing device:
"Configure a valid static RFC1918 address for your network. Check the option to use a connection over NAT."
Which of the following is a valid IP address configuration for the device?

Question 117
A network administrator is reviewing interface errors on a switch. Which of the following indicates that a switchport is receiving packets in excess of the configuredMTU?

Question 118
A network administrator needs to implement an HDMI over IP solution. Which of the following will the network administrator MOST likely use to ensure smooth video delivery?

Question 119
A network administrator wants to reduce overhead and increase efficiency on a SAN. Which of the following can be configured to achieve these goals?

Question 120
A rogue AP was found plugged in and providing Internet access to employees in the break room. Which of the following would be BEST to use to stop this from happening without physically removing the WAP?