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CompTIA FC0-U61 Exam

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Question 31
Given the following pseudocode, If the Breakfast program ran on Sunday, which of the following would be the output?
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A. Oatmeal
B. Bacon and eggs
C. Waffles
D. Pancakes

Question 32
A desktop administrator just connected a printer to a workstation, but the workstation does not recognize the printer. Which of the following does the workstationMOST likely need for the printer to function?
A. Permission
B. Ink cartridge
C. USB cable
D. Driver

Question 33
Which of the following BEST describes a kilobyte?
A. A kilobyte is a measurement of storage (e.g., 100KB).
B. A kilobyte is a measurement of throughput (e.g.,100Kbps).
C. A kilobyte is a measurement of power (e.g., 100KW).
D. A kilobyte is a measurement of processor speed (e.g., 2.4KHz).

Question 34
Which of the following security concerns is a threat to confidentiality?
A. Replay attack
B. Denial of service
C. Service outage
D. Dumpster diving

Question 35
Which of the following software license models allows a developer to modify the original code and release its own version of the application?
A. Proprietary software
B. Commercial software
C. Open source software
D. Cross-platform software

Question 36
Which of the following are the basic computing operations?
A. Input, process, output, and feedback
B. Input, output, storage, and feedback
C. Input, process, and output
D. Input, process, output, and storage

Question 37
Which of the following would work BEST stored as a flat file rather than stored in a database?
A. Contact list
B. Movie theater __cpLocations
C. Directions to doctor's office
D. Store inventory

Question 38
An administrator grants permission for a user to access data in a database. Which of the following actions was performed?
A. Data correlation
B. Data manipulation
C. Data gathering
D. Data definition

Question 39
An employee is asked to generate a report on a student information system. The employee uses spreadsheet software and connects to a remote database to pull data for the report. Which of the following types of application architectures did the employee use?
A. Standalone application
B. Client-server application
C. Web application
D. Cloud application

Question 40
Ann, a user, is experiencing difficulty getting her IP-based security camera to function at her house after a rain storm that caused a power interruption. The camera has an LED light indicating it has power. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?
A. The power interruption caused the camera to malfunction.
B. Ann has a compatibility problem with the camera.
C. A firmware update needs to be applied to the camera.
D. Ann's Internet connection and wireless router are still down.