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CompTIA FC0-U61 Exam

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Question 81
Which of the following authorization techniques is used to assign permissions and authorize a user based on job title or function?

Question 82
A user has purchased a high-end graphics card that contains a GPU. Which of the following processes is being performed by the GPU on the graphics card?

Question 83
A company purchased a software program. The EULA states that the software can be installed on as many computers as the company wants, but only four users can be using the software at any point in time. Which of the following types of license is this an example of?

Question 84
A user at a company visits a weather website often during the day. The user browses to the site in the afternoon and notices that the temperature listed is from the morning and is not the current temperature. The user closes the page and tries again with the same result. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

Question 85
Which of the following application delivery mechanisms BEST describes infrastructure located in an individual organization's datacenter?

Question 86
A database administrator wants to populate a database with large amounts of data from an external source. Which of the following actions should be used to get the database populated?

Question 87
Which of the following would a company consider an asset?

Question 88
A company will begin to allow staff to work from home by means of formal request. Which of the following is the BEST way for the company to document this change?

Question 89
A company's team members have both old and new laptops. Which of the following connectors should be available in the conference room to ensure everyone can use the conference room projectors? (Choose two.)

Question 90
A programmer uses DML to modify: